Beverage Quality

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The success of beverage products that are distributed and sold hinges on ensuring the quality and safety of the product at all times. Hence, learning the basics of beverage quality is critical in the proper management and handling of beverage products & systems.

beverage quality

beverage quality

What is the most serious type of hazard?

Because if you eat food contaminated with germs it can make you ill. The illness usually involves vomiting and diarrhea (food poisoning)


Basics of Beverage Quality

Beverage Safety

How to keep beverages safe inside the machine?

  • Follow proper preparation procedure. Preparation is key in ensuring that there will be no cross contamination.
  • Do not serve EXPIRED or LEFT OVER cold beverage products that are beyond their shelf-life.
  • Ensure that cold beverages are continuously chilled in the dispenser at all times. Do not sell milk-based beverages (eg. MILO) outside of dispensers without continuous cooling.


Water Safety

What is a safe water source?

A safe water source must not contain disease-causing microorganisms or chemicals at potentially harmful levels.

Physical quality of water should be good:

  • No suspended materials
  • Clear and colorless
  • No unpleasant taste and odor


How to make your drinking water safe?

  • Know and understand the hazard
  • Know your water supplier
  • Make sure the water storage is clean
  • Make sure water quality is tested regularly



Ice Safety

How can you ensure that your ice is safe to use?

  • Use of proper material and regular cleaning of ice storage.
  • Proper storage of scoops to avoid contamination.
  • Training of staff in proper handling of ice.
  • Know your ice supplier.



Beverage Quality

How can I prevent contamination & ensure beverage quality?

Use control points in the beverage system to check for contamination. Any point in a specific food system at which a loss of control may result in an unacceptable health risk.

Control Points in the Beverage System (Hot and Cold)

beverage quality