MAGGI® Supreme Seasoning Granules 800g

All-in-one seasoning granules made with spices and fresh garlic and onion that deliver overall enhancement to your dishes.
The all-in-one seasoning you'll ever need to standardize your recipes. No need for salt and MSG.
* Has fresh garlic taste and aroma
* No need for salt and MSG
* Halal-certified
With our proprietary 4G Granulation Technology, each granule locks in the strong flavor and aroma of fresh spices and meat to enable you to deliver Supreme flavor in local, oriental or western dishes.
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Preparation & Storage



Use 1 tbsp or 8g of granules:

  •  As dry rub for 500g of meat
  • To season 500g of vegetables and/or meat dishes
  • To season 600g of cooked rice
  • To season 250g of cooked noodles
  • Provides overall enhancement to your dishes.



Storage Temperature: Cool Dry Place. Keep sealed After opening

Shelf Life in Months: 12

Serving Suggestions



Season on all meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes to give that fresh garlic, onion and umami flavor.