NESTLÉ® Fruit Drink


Unattended coffee vending machine which is FREE-ON-LOAN made for offices, schools and hospitals. FREE repair service & preventive maintenance.

The MRNK is a hassle-free automated vending solution that can serve both hot & cold beverages. It is the perfect solution for high volume locations such as offices, schools & hospitals. Able to dispense up to 13 different beverage selections from coffee to tea and juices, it is a complete solution that caters to customers who look for a wide variety of beverages & formats.

Feature & Benefits

The MRNK machine is a total hot and cold vending machine.

  • Experience hassle-free operations with continuous refilling, cleaning and repairs done by our dedicated vending service provider.
  • Provide a wide range of both hot and cold beverages with up to 13 different selections offered, ranging from a slew of hot beverages to cold tea and juices.

Dispenser Specifications

DimensionsHeight : 72 in, Width : 68 in, Depth : 31 in
Wieght500 kg
Capacity Per Bowl/Canister6-8 kg
Clearance Requirement12 in
Dispense Time / Cup12-25 seconds
Peak Rate/Water Tank Capacity15 cups continous
Start Up Time15 minutes
Water RequirementsDirect Water Line or With Submersible Pump
TemperatureTemperature: 65-75 C
Power Supply100 VAC 50/60 Hz 20A
Wattage2000 Watts


Dispensed Products

SelectionsMinimum Number of cups per day
Caramel Macchiato150 cups per day
Cappuccino150 cups per day
Mocha150 cups per day
3 in 1 Coffee150 cups per day
Black Coffee150 cups per day
Hot MILO®150 cups per day
Pineapple Juice150 cups per day
Blue Lemonade150 cups per day
Citrus Dew150 cups per day
Cucumber Lemonade150 cups per day


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