NESTLÉ® Fruit Drink

EZ Care Single Bowl

Simple and efficient FREE-ON-LOAN cold beverage dispenser made for foodservice operators. FREE repair service & preventive maintenance.

Offer a variety of cold beverages with the NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® EZ Care dispenser. This state-of-the-art dispenser delivers efficiency & simplicity for foodservice operators looking for a convenient beverage solution.

Features & Benefits

The NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® EZ Care dispenser is your complete cold beverage solution.

  • Offer healthier choices to your customers with a wide variety of beverages meeting NESTLÉ® Nutritional Foundation Guidelines.
  • Save on labor cost with the innovative machine design allowing you to clean 50% faster than traditional dispensers.
  • Save on electrical cost (20%-30%) compared to traditional dispensers with the effective & efficient cooling system.
  • Save on capital investment cost, maintenance & repair fees with our FREE-ON-LOAN dispenser program backed up with reliable technical support (NP SERVICare).

Dispenser Specifications

DimensionsHeight : 26.5 in, Width : 12.5 in, Depth : 19.5 in
Wieght30 kg (empty) / 46 kg (product and water)
Capacity Per Bowl/Canister18 Liters
Clearance Requirement5 in to 8 in
Dispense Time / Cup5 seconds
Peak Rate/Water Tank Capacityn/a
Start Up Time2 hours
Water RequirementsWater Refill
Temperature4⁰C to 6⁰C
Power Supply220 V / 50/60 H
Wattage396 Watts

Dispensed Products

Product NameNestlé CodeMinimum Number of cups per day
NESTEA® House Blend 12x360g1224657352 cups per day
NESTEA® Restaurant Blend 12x360g1224733260 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Strawberry Red Tea 12x360g1227725352 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Apple Green Tea 12x360g1226996952 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Lemonade 12x360g1216459752 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Blue Lemonade 12x360g1220658352 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Cucumber Lemonade 12x360g1224657052 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Pink Lemode Lychee 12x360g1230422152 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Dalandan 12x360g1224657452 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Orange Juice 12x200g1218548171 cups per day
NESTLÉ® Pineapple Juice 12x200g1218548271 cups per day
MILO® Cold Mix 8x1kg1226919340 cups per day
NESCAFÉ® Ice 12x1kg1226919520 cups per day


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