NESTLÉ® DOCELLO® Chocolate Mousse 500g

NESTLÉ® DOCELLO® Chocolate Mousse has a rich, dark chocolate flavour with a premium taste profile and has a smooth and soft texture. No bake. No eggs needed. It quickly sets in 1.5 hours with no cooking required.
NESTLÉ® DOCELLO® Chocolate Mousse Dessert Mix is a free flowing powdered mix that when prepared, provides a delicious dessert, with a rich, full flavour of chocolate. While it is ideal for tempting desserts that require very little preparation, you can also use it as a creative base for traditional or modern dessert styles.
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Preparation & Storage



Full pack preparation: 1 pack or 500g of NESTLÉ® DOCELLO® Chocolate Mousse Dessert Mix + 1 Liter of Cold Milk
Yields 48 portions (30g per portion)

  1. Put the appropriate amount of cold milk (between 2°C/5°C) into a high bowl.
  2. Mix Docello Chocolate Mousse powder with milk using a whip until a homogenous mixture has been obtained.
  3. Whip with a mixer for 2 minutes at low speed and 5 minutes at high speed.
  4. Portion and cool for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes between 4°C/7°C before consumption.



Storage Temperature: Cool Dry Place. Keep sealed After opening

Shelf Life in Months: 12

Serving Suggestions



Create your sweet signature… perfect for classic chocolate mousse, as a rich, dark chocolate ganache, frosting or layer and as a luscious filling for eclairs, donuts, tarts, macarons, cream puffs and croissants.