Nestlé Professional® SERVICare - Technical Services Program

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Partnering with Nestlé Professional® beverage solutions does not only include quality beverages, but a full program of leading edge dispensing systems, reliable technical services, and superior customer service. We call this SERVICare.

At Nestlé Professional® we understand the importance of giving you every advantage to delight your customers - like providing you with some of the best quality beverages to keep your customers satisfied. But beyond this, we believe in the importance of combining great products with great service.

We call this the Nestlé Professional® SERVICare program.

SERVICare is our technical solution to give you the reliable service you need to keep your customers happy.

SERVICare is comprised of five main parts, namely…

  • Proprietary Systems
  • Service Hotline
  • Repair Service
  • Preventive Maintenance; and
  • Quality Assurance

All of these elements play a role in ensuring our customers the best service possible.

Propriety Systems

Being a Nestlé Professional® beverage solutions partner means you get access to our wide array of leading edge beverage systems from hot to cold machines featuring our leading brands like NESTEA®, NESCAFÉ® and MILO®. Each of our dispensers is HACCP approved & certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, making them clean & safe for your customers.

Last but not least, our branded dispensers are FREE-ON-LOAN, meaning no capital investment & no rental fee needed. To ensure that our machines stay productive & that your business remains profitable, we have a monthly order quantity (MOQ) of Nestlé Professional® products specific to each machine.

Dedicated Service Hotline

Available 6 days a week, 11 hours a day, we have well trained professionals ready to troubleshoot and resolve issues over the phone.

Our team of professional customer service agents will do their best to work out problems during the call—but will also immediately send out technicians if the problem cannot be resolved over the phone.


Repair Service

We have a wide network of skilled technicians deployed nationwide ready to quickly proceed for on-site repair service. At no cost to the operator on parts and labor.


Preventive Maintenance

Our machines come with regular preventive maintenance, checking every four months, free of charge, to prevent machine breakdown – downtime that can affect your business!

We recalibrate to ensure in-cup quality and even give your staff refresher training.

Plus, replacing parts is free—if it wore down because of normal wear and tear.


Quality Assurance

Every time we visit, your staff is given a refresher course using our Drink Quality Program, a detailed guide on basic machine handling & product preparation.

To ensure the safety and quality of your beverages, we also conduct a Quality Assurance Audit together with hygiene monitoring and testing (testing everything from water, to ice and the actual drink dispensed).

So, welcome to Nestlé Professional® SERVICare.

When signing up for NESTLÉ® beverages, you are assured of not only quality products and beverage dispensers, but a complete service program that you can count on, so you can focus on running your business to keep your customers delighted.

With Nestlé Professional® SERVICare, we care to give you the best service.